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Do You Want To Look Five Years Younger? Blepharoplasty Is The Solution!

Aesthetic blepharoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that removes excess skin and fat around the eyes, so-called bags and wrinkles of the eyelids.

Blepharoplasty, the solution for a face five years younger

The eyes can be the strongest allies of feminine beauty or they can betray us when the world is dearer to us. The eyes are not only the “mirror of the soul”, but also a true reflection of the way we look and feel. Wrinkles, unsightly sagging eyelids, bags under the eyes, dark circles, all these betray us when we try to mask the passing of the years or the inappropriate lifestyle.

In this situation it is not surprising that most women are concerned to keep the eyes as natural and young as possible . Cosmetic surgeons meet people with such problems, eliminating the signs of the passage of time and giving the face a look 5 or even 10 years younger.

Eyelid surgery is one of the most spectacular cosmetic surgeries, which addresses both sexes , with a stable result for a long time, with invisible scars in most cases.

According to a study, the number of people operating on blepharoplasty is increasing. In the last three years, there has been an annual 10% increase in the number of patients requesting this operation. In total, about 100,000 blepharoplasty operations are performed per year.

Fallen Eyelids, A Real Health Problem

Eyelid loss occurs as a result of decreased muscle tone that controls eyelid movements. The eyes become irritated and dry if the lower eyelids break out and can no longer perform their protective function, and if the eyelids are turned inwards, the eyelashes will cause irritation and even sores of the conjunctiva.
Falling of the upper eyelid to the eyelashes, also called dermato-chalasis , prevents eye makeup and can sometimes prevent vision. There are cases in which this fall is accompanied by a ptosis of the eyebrows, quite common in men.


Five Years Younger In One Day

Combined interventions can be performed on the same day: both on the upper and lower legs, or associated with facelifts, injections of substances, depending on the patient’s wishes. The pain of the interventions is minimal or absent and gives way to regular painkillers. You will see the results of the operation in a few days, and the final result will be observable in a few weeks. 


Facial Lifting Without Surgery Is The Newest Method Of Rejuvenation

With over 150,000 patients worldwide, Silhouette Soft yarn treatment is unique and delivers natural results in just 45 minutes. Perfect for imperfections that appear with age, it restores the fresh, rested and natural appearance of the face, without changes in facial expressions or surgery.

Silhouette Soft aims to stop the signs of aging in an efficient and safe way, with a lasting effect. The threads have been specially created to remove the effect of loss of volume and degradation of skin quality. They are natural and completely absorbable.

Silhouette Soft yarns can be used regardless of skin type and without causing allergies, as demonstrated after 6 years of tests and clinical trials. Thus, no allergological testing is required before use.

How does Silhouette Soft work?

Silhouette Soft is based on special sutures, whose main component is polylactic acid and are used to lift the skin from the neck and face. Often called a “non-surgical facelift,” the minimally invasive procedure is less time consuming than a traditional facelift and does not require sedation or hospitalization.

The operation is performed under local anesthesia. It can take up to 45 minutes, and patients can return home after surgery. Basically, there is no need for recovery or time in which you can not function normally.

The benefits of Silhouette Soft?

The treatment offers visible benefits that last between 12 and 18 months, it has a double action:

encourages the process of collagen regeneration in the skin;

gives the skin an immediate lifting effect, and the cheeks regain their volume and youthful appearance.

The results offered by Silhouette Soft threads are immediately visible, but the final result can be seen after about 2 weeks after the intervention. First of all, you will notice the natural aspect of the skin: fresh and relaxed, and later the restoration of the facial contour, the lifting of the cheekbones and the disappearance of the fine wrinkles. Following the rejuvenating effect, the mobility and vivacity of facial expressions are not influenced. You can enjoy, therefore, the beautiful moments of your life and the new rejuvenated look, with more confidence and optimism.

Turn to the esthetician to try this revolutionary method of non-surgical facelift. It is recommended that you discuss your procedure, costs and curiosities with your doctor before starting treatment. Previous treatments and medications must be specified in order for the treatment to take place in optimal conditions.…


Is Rhinoplasty Performed In Adolescents?

Definitely YES, although we must take into account the following peculiarities:

  • Informed consent: Minors must be informed of the surgery to be performed, the postoperative care and the results that can be obtained. We must answer all your questions and make sure that you understand the procedure. However, the legally required informed consent document must be signed by their parents or legal guardians, who assume responsibility for the decision. Therefore, it is highly recommended that legal guardians do not disagree with the adolescent, much less force him to carry out the intervention against his will (on many occasions we find that parents have more complexes than adolescents, who oblivious to his alleged deformity).
  • Surgical Technique: Adolescents tolerate large ridge resections, as a slightly upturned nose resembles a child’s and gives a very youthful appearance. However, it is very important to discuss with the patient how much we are going to reduce the nose, since the inexorable passage of time can make the nose look strange years later, with the appearance of operated and excessively childish. Faced with the patient’s desire to completely eliminate the nasal dorsum, the surgeon must explain what his ideal result is, since he has a long-term perspective that the adolescent does not have.
  • Emotional stability and patient expectations: Adolescents change physically, but they also undergo profound psychological changes that prepare them for adulthood. It is important for the surgeon to explore their emotional stability and motivations for surgery, as well as their expectations, which should be realistic.
  • Functional problems: Ugly noses usually breathe badly. In adolescents, in addition to exploring the nasal septum, we must investigate the presence of adenoid vegetations. In this way we achieve an optimal aesthetic and functional result.
  • Postoperative: Rhinoplasty in adolescents, as in adults, is very well tolerated, being a painless procedure. For this reason, especially in adolescence, it is necessary to be careful with contact and ball sports, and teach the patient how to perform the care.

When to operate in adolescence

There are no hard and fast rules for deciding when to have rhinoplasty in adolescence. Usually, if the patient can wait, it is preferable to delay the intervention. Girls, as they develop before, can be operated on with 15-16 years. Boys may be better off waiting until 16-17 years old, although this aspect should be individualized. More important than age is the degree of maturity of the person.

Family problems

It is not uncommon for adolescents to want to operate their nose against the opinion of their parents, who may understand that the defect is superfluous, that it is something unnecessary, that it is expensive… The best thing in these cases is that the dialogue at home is fluid , avoiding open discussions in the medical consultation. The surgeon, however, usually “mediates” to bring positions closer together. Sometimes we will recommend the patient to wait, minimizing the defect, and in others we will try to explain to the parents the suitability of the procedure, always taking care of what is best for our patient.


    • Rhinoplasty for teens is safe and rewarding.
    • Parents or legal guardians should authorize the intervention, and ideally agree to it.
    • Miami rhinoplasty Surgeons must take into account the long-term result when planning the intervention.
  • Surgery can be performed around the age of 16, although each case is unique.


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