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Is Rhinoplasty Performed In Adolescents?

Definitely YES, although we must take into account the following peculiarities:

  • Informed consent: Minors must be informed of the surgery to be performed, the postoperative care and the results that can be obtained. We must answer all your questions and make sure that you understand the procedure. However, the legally required informed consent document must be signed by their parents or legal guardians, who assume responsibility for the decision. Therefore, it is highly recommended that legal guardians do not disagree with the adolescent, much less force him to carry out the intervention against his will (on many occasions we find that parents have more complexes than adolescents, who oblivious to his alleged deformity).
  • Surgical Technique: Adolescents tolerate large ridge resections, as a slightly upturned nose resembles a child’s and gives a very youthful appearance. However, it is very important to discuss with the patient how much we are going to reduce the nose, since the inexorable passage of time can make the nose look strange years later, with the appearance of operated and excessively childish. Faced with the patient’s desire to completely eliminate the nasal dorsum, the surgeon must explain what his ideal result is, since he has a long-term perspective that the adolescent does not have.
  • Emotional stability and patient expectations: Adolescents change physically, but they also undergo profound psychological changes that prepare them for adulthood. It is important for the surgeon to explore their emotional stability and motivations for surgery, as well as their expectations, which should be realistic.
  • Functional problems: Ugly noses usually breathe badly. In adolescents, in addition to exploring the nasal septum, we must investigate the presence of adenoid vegetations. In this way we achieve an optimal aesthetic and functional result.
  • Postoperative: Rhinoplasty in adolescents, as in adults, is very well tolerated, being a painless procedure. For this reason, especially in adolescence, it is necessary to be careful with contact and ball sports, and teach the patient how to perform the care.

When to operate in adolescence

There are no hard and fast rules for deciding when to have rhinoplasty in adolescence. Usually, if the patient can wait, it is preferable to delay the intervention. Girls, as they develop before, can be operated on with 15-16 years. Boys may be better off waiting until 16-17 years old, although this aspect should be individualized. More important than age is the degree of maturity of the person.

Family problems

It is not uncommon for adolescents to want to operate their nose against the opinion of their parents, who may understand that the defect is superfluous, that it is something unnecessary, that it is expensive… The best thing in these cases is that the dialogue at home is fluid , avoiding open discussions in the medical consultation. The surgeon, however, usually “mediates” to bring positions closer together. Sometimes we will recommend the patient to wait, minimizing the defect, and in others we will try to explain to the parents the suitability of the procedure, always taking care of what is best for our patient.


    • Rhinoplasty for teens is safe and rewarding.
    • Parents or legal guardians should authorize the intervention, and ideally agree to it.
    • Miami rhinoplasty Surgeons must take into account the long-term result when planning the intervention.
  • Surgery can be performed around the age of 16, although each case is unique.