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Ageless BMS

Facial Lifting Without Surgery Is The Newest Method Of Rejuvenation

With over 150,000 patients worldwide, Silhouette Soft yarn treatment is unique and delivers natural results in just 45 minutes. Perfect for imperfections that appear with age, it restores the fresh, rested and natural appearance of the face, without changes in facial expressions or surgery.

Silhouette Soft aims to stop the signs of aging in an efficient and safe way, with a lasting effect. The threads have been specially created to remove the effect of loss of volume and degradation of skin quality. They are natural and completely absorbable.

Silhouette Soft yarns can be used regardless of skin type and without causing allergies, as demonstrated after 6 years of tests and clinical trials. Thus, no allergological testing is required before use.

How does Silhouette Soft work?

Silhouette Soft is based on special sutures, whose main component is polylactic acid and are used to lift the skin from the neck and face. Often called a “non-surgical facelift,” the minimally invasive procedure is less time consuming than a traditional facelift and does not require sedation or hospitalization.

The operation is performed under local anesthesia. It can take up to 45 minutes, and patients can return home after surgery. Basically, there is no need for recovery or time in which you can not function normally.

The benefits of Silhouette Soft?

The treatment offers visible benefits that last between 12 and 18 months, it has a double action:

encourages the process of collagen regeneration in the skin;

gives the skin an immediate lifting effect, and the cheeks regain their volume and youthful appearance.

The results offered by Silhouette Soft threads are immediately visible, but the final result can be seen after about 2 weeks after the intervention. First of all, you will notice the natural aspect of the skin: fresh and relaxed, and later the restoration of the facial contour, the lifting of the cheekbones and the disappearance of the fine wrinkles. Following the rejuvenating effect, the mobility and vivacity of facial expressions are not influenced. You can enjoy, therefore, the beautiful moments of your life and the new rejuvenated look, with more confidence and optimism.

Turn to the esthetician to try this revolutionary method of non-surgical facelift. It is recommended that you discuss your procedure, costs and curiosities with your doctor before starting treatment. Previous treatments and medications must be specified in order for the treatment to take place in optimal conditions.